Thursday, June 15, 2006

Efficient: productive of desired effects; especially : productive without waste

So I'm watching the news last night. And some economist comes on (I wish I remembered his name) to comment on the hit the stock markets, particularly the TSE, have been taking the last few days.
First, he says that the markets are a model of efficiency. They are self-correcting and always right.
Then he says that markets are always over-correcting. Generally, when prices rise, they rise too far to reflect actual value, and then a drop in price occurs to correct, but the drop is usually too far and the over-correction results in prices that are too low to reflect actual value.
So let me get this straight -- the stock market is extremely efficient because it generally reflects a price that has little or no bearing on reality.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bike to Work Week - Dénouement

Now that all the hoopla about Bike to Work Week is over, there's just one last thing to take care of: prizes!
The joke was all last week that we’d win a water bottle. Guess what? Yes, it’s true – we won a water bottle! And a hat, and two passes to various Greater Victoria Recreation Centres.
Ah, but now comes the tricky part. Who gets the prizes? As team captain, I decided that each day that a person rode their bike to work last week would count as an entry in our Prize Winner Determination Draw. I rode five days, so I get five entries. Same with Linda. Paddy rode three times, she gets three entries, and Jocelyn, who rode once, got one entry.
An impartial non-bike rider made the draw. And the winner is ….Jocelyn! Jocelyn who rode only once! Jocelyn who beat the 14-1 odds in our draw! Man, that sucks! I like that hat!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Rabble are Roused

In light of the arrests of some apparent Muslim extremists who were plotting to bomb targets in Ontario, it shouldn't be surprising that I heard someone on an open line radio show call for summary convictions of alleged terrorists. "Keep the lawyers out of it. And none of this civil liberties crap, either," the caller shouted. "We know they did it. Lock them away!"
I was almost positive that next he would demand that all Muslims in Canada be interred in large camps (not next to his house, of course).
Clearly, the rabble are roused.

(And it seems that the RCMP itself sold the fertilizer to the would-be bombers, at least according to this story that the Canadian media hasn't reported yet.
Addendum: The CBC got around to mentioning the RCMP sting in its coverage on June 7.)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bike to Work Week - Day Five

Amazingly, no evils befell me. No cars lept out of blind alleys, no strange and sudden meteorological anomalies rained down on me, no part of my bike suddenly disintegrated while I was racing down a steep hill.
How was the turn out? There's 24 people in our branch. 7 signed up to ride all week, only two of us, including myself, did. One person rode three days, one person rode one day, the other three didn't ride at all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Linus Health Update #8

Linus went for another blood pressure check and blood test. Unlike his last visit a couple of weeks ago where I had to leave him there all day for his urine test, I was with him the whole time and usually he is very calm when I'm there.
His blood test was good, his thyroid medecine is working well at the moment. However his BP was still elevated. So his dosage is getting increased and he gets another BP test in two weeks. Because of this, his dental surgery remains in a holding pattern.

Bike to Work Week - Day Four

What a great week this is turning into. This morning I got "pot holed" by a car. First time ever. The car had me lined up, found a pot hole full of water and splatto - drenched from head to toe.
Thank you very much, Mr. Anonymous Asshole.