Saturday, December 03, 2005


Victoria is recovering from its first snowfall of the year. We received, oh golly, a good centimetre, maybe even a centimetre and a half over the last couple of days.
Frankly, it didn't even cover the grass on the lawn. It wasn't even worth taking a picture of. (And after buying a digital camera last year, believe me that's saying something.)
But on the other hand, as I prepare to hang up the Christmas lights, it does put a small holiday feeling in the air, along with the "bone-chilling" Victoria-cold that most Albertans would quaintly call a "warm front."
The rest of the country may laugh at our silly notions that -2 c, 20 kmh winds and a centimetre of snow constitutes a blizzard, but on the other hand I'm going kayaking on Sunday and riding my bike to work Monday.
Take that, Winnipeg!

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