Saturday, March 04, 2006

Linus Health Update #6

Linus went for another blood pressure check and has passed with flying colours. His BP is in the 150-160 range, right where it should be. The vet doesn't want to see Linus until sometime in May, good news for my Visa card!
Also, Linus wasn't liking the new liquid formula for his bp meds. Basically, a small amount of liquid in a syringe is squirted into Linus's mouth. Linus thought I was drowning him, of course.
Now I've switched to trans-dermal formulation that is rubbed in his ears. It still comes out of a syringe, but now Linus is a lot happier because he thinks he's gotten away with something: "That dopey person of mine keeps missing my mouth and getting it in my ear. Well, I'm not going to tell him!"

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