Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're in Trouble. No Fish.

I remember a former BC Environment Minister saying that "there will be trees in the forest as long as there are fish in the sea."
Soon, we'll have neither. According to this story, fish stocks in the oceans will be gone - that's GONE!! - by 2050 unless we radically rethink how we live on this planet.

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  1. When that very news report came on cbc radio that morning, the radio was playing beside our bed. Bernie turned it off before I could hear it properly (my half-deaf ears = must pay careful attention to radio reports) and he distracted me very thoroughly in an appropriate manner.
    I've since learned that of the coho salmon my pal Linda and I fed weekly in Goldstream for four years, 30 have spawned so far this year. The chum run is pretty good, though. I've come to understand that my greatest genetic contribution to the world so far has not been bearing twins, nor has it been holding off on further pregnancies. It was fostering those coho salmon.
    The twins still rock, though.