Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Long Recovery Week 29

So I finally finally finally FINALLY got the bill for my ambulance ride of last November 20.
I have no real complaints in paying it -- after all, I had paramedics find me on the trail, stabilize me for transport, transport me, then I had xrays, tests, then I was transported to a different hospital, then four hours of surgery while a shwack of titanium was put in my arm, drugs, two days in hospital, follow-up doctor's visits and xrays and five months of twice-a-week physio and all I have to pay out of pocket is $15 for my sling and $54 for my initial ambulance ride -- but why in god's name does it take so long to send out? My accident was nearly 7 months ago! And now they send the bill?!??
I bet they would be really choked if I took seven months to pay it!

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