Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Linus Health Update #4

About two weeks ago, Linus went in for another bunch of blood and urine workups. Everything looked fine except for his blood pressure which was quite elevated.
His BP meds were increased, doubled in fact, and the vet was quite worried and puzzled by this development.
Yesterday, Linus returned for a further BP check. Instead of his BP being taken in the surgery area of the clinic as has happened before, it was taken by a tech in a quiet exam room with Linus relatively content and sitting in my lap.
His BP was low. Almost too low!
The tech adjourned to discuss matters with the vet. The vet, while pleased that his pressure had dropped, was not entirely convinced that the sudden change was not a result of equipment or operator error. The tech and the vet entered the exam room, and redid the blood pressure check. Linus's BP was now elevated, still much lower than the previous visit, but higher than just a moment previously.
We figured out why. This was the vet that had operated of Linus's foot a few months ago.
Yes, even cats can have "white coat syndrome."

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