Friday, March 23, 2007

Poisoned Pet Food and Linus

With all the hubbub concerning the tainted pet food scandal, the thought has certainly crossed my mind that Linus suffered from similar symptoms before he passed away last year.
However, as he ate only dry food, his food supply doesn't seem to have been affected so it would be a stretch to think that he is a victim of this unfortunate event. While he did eat some wet food in his last days, it does not seem to be the kind that was tainted. And he was already in a bad way anyway. And further, the tainted food only started being manufactured on December 3, and Linus didn't have any wet food until the week of December 11, too soon to get the tainted food on the shelves, I think.
Still, it's a sad, sad thing. My still grieving heart is grieving more.

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