Tuesday, October 23, 2007

VCon 32

We spent last weekend at VCon 32 in Vancouver. We had a, um, interesting ferry crossing. 20 minutes out of Swartz Bay, the ferry slowed down and then made an usual sharp turn south. The ferry had lost an engine and was to continue to the Tsawwassen terminal on its remaining engine, but the captain didn't want to take it close to shore through Active Pass on only one engine, so he changed course and we went down around Pender and Saturna Islands which I had never seen before. Needless to say, we were well over an hour late, but we got to see dolphins playing and a really cool rainbow.

The hotel was nice with a good view. Here we see Stephanie breaking into her car.

Paula seemed to be wide awake with her eyes open....

...while local best-selling and award-winning author Dave Duncan was quite excited to be photographed.

Karl and Stephanie man the Neo-opsis table.

Even Roy put in an appearance. Man, now I know why it's called the Red-eye flight.

Still, he was a satisifed customer.

Some people just get so wrapped up in their books.

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