Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Dark Tower Diaries -- Day Five

Eddie has his showdown with the mob bosses who think he's turned over for The Feds, then he well and truly joins Roland on his quest.
And after all this talk about the "man in black," it had to be only a matter of time until some reference was made to Johnny Cash. And a pretty fun one it was, too.
I'd forgotten how time can stop when reading novel. The best of King has always done that to me. Sucked me in, wrapped me in up a blanket and fed me cookies
sour milk and poisoned cookies, of course, with maggots in them
and made time simply disappear. Subjectively, of course. Objectively, time has not halted its relentless march and suddenly the lunch break has vanished without a trace.
Einstein was right. Time is relative.

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