Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Dark Tower Diaries -- Day One

One day in and I'm well into the first book. Volume One is called The Gunslinger and is divided into five novellas. (Disclosure: I should point out that I am reading the 2003 revised and expanded text.) I've finished the first novella, the longest in the book, which is called (surprise!) The Gunslinger.
King seems to have a fascination with "Nineteen." I wonder what that's about.
This is our introduction to Roland the gunslinger. King is doing a good job at slowly constructing his world, a strange Sergio Leono western-world that seems lost somewhere else in time and space, yet clearly has some connection to our own (with the bar patrons belting out a boisterous version of "Hey Jude.) It's these little details that King has always excelled at. We don't even know Roland's name at this point, yet King has dropped tantilizing little hints at his back story and his pursuit of the man in black. And who's Cort? (Named after Bud Cort, I'm guessing.)

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