Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Spam Chronicles 5

My name is Mrs Helen Rossini Of Starco Uk industry.
Starco Uk industry is a Consortium of Export/Import industries Based in the United Kingdom but with Branches and Payment officers and offices all around Asia and Africa,USA,Canada,Israel and Russia. We are currently recruiting payment officers in your Locality.
Your responsibility will be to:
a.Process payments and disburse to payment officers under you.
b.To maintain and update the payment website under which you man.
c.To send weekly reports on status of payments of transactions.

Job Requirement:
a. You Must Have a Bank Account with any financial institution.
b. You Must have access to the Internet at least twice (2) a Day to enable you give us proper update on payments.
c. You Must have a Direct Cell Phone to enable our customers call for verification before payments are made in your Favor.
d. Your Loyalty and Anxiousness toward this Job would attract increment in your Commission Charges.
If you already work and need something else to bring more funds,this is the offer too!
If you would like this send an email to the address below stating your interest and possible
Hope to Read from you asap.
Regards Mrs Helen Rossini.

Dear Mrs Rossini
I'd love to help, but currently I'm working a number of shadey schemes with some bankers from Burinka Faso.
Thanks anyway!


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